Teacher Feature April II - Crocheting 1, 2, 3
Teacher Feature April II - Crocheting 1, 2, 3
Posted on 04/28/2023
Teacher Feature April II - Messalina Morley-Alton

Messalina Alton teaches her students the basics of crochet weekly. This “tightknit” group of ladies worked on their crochet pieces at all different stages. Most of the pieces begin as a pot holder!  

Messalina oversees and helps in a hands on effort to guide the students through their projects. The students are free to ask any questions and Messalina is always there to help!

The fundamentals of crochet class are taught at BFMS and the class fills up quickly! The class welcomes anyone from all different skill levels, if you are interested in crocheting and making friends with shared interest this is the class for you!